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Do you find it enjoyable to read aloud to your child?  Most parents do. And we know young children absolutely love to be read to. Have you really thought about how to make reading time a most beneficial and enjoyable experience for both your child and you? Check out these ten practical tips to make reading time a success for the whole family.


Make it Enjoyable                                                                                                     Baby reading with mum

When you read aloud to your child make it quality time. Don’t rush it. Let everything else go and absorb yourself into enjoying special reading time with your child. You can build a love for reading. This will form a bond that will stay with the two of you for a lifetime.  And it will build a love for reading when associated with pleasant family-time memories.

Familiarize your Reader with the Proper use of a Book

Explain the front and back of the book and that we read books from the front to the back. Demonstrate how the words are written from left to right, from top to bottom. This will establish a foundation for utilizing printed material. And it will build confidence in your beginner reader.

Explore the Pictures First

dad-reading-640x427Before you start reading the words, take some time to explore the pictures on the pages and ask your child what he or she sees in the pictures. Ask stimulating questions to make it clear what is going on in each picture. Help him or her better understand what is going on in the book before you start to read aloud to your child.

Encourage Letter and Word Recognition

Letter recognition is a child’s first connection with communication with written word. Spontaneous letter recognition will likely occur when you read aloud to your child. Go with it and encourage more. For example, you child says “there’s the letter e,” help him to find more “e”s on the page. This is early developmental stage for basic literacy skills.

Schedule Daily Reading                                                                                  

Time to Read Clock Reading Comprehension Learning School                                                                        

Repetition is the key in building a successful reader. If you promise to read aloud to your child then do it. This builds trust and lasting memories. If you find yourself in a schedule jam, feeling pressed to take the time at that moment, then explain to your child when you will be available and then absolutely make it a priority to follow through. Deem reading aloud to your child as a must in your busy schedule. This role models responsibility and dependability and kick starts your child to a lifetime of reading.

Read Slowly Enunciating Each Word

Once the pictures in the  book have been explored  go back to the beginning and start reading with great animation and excitement. If you are excited about reading it will become contagious. Be sure to point to each word as you read aloud to your child. This will establish a foundation for understanding how letters form words and how words flow together to form comprehensible sentences. Ask questions about what is expected to occur next in the story.

Ask Stimulating Questions                                                                                                            question-mark

By asking simple questions about the narrative you can stimulate cognitive thinking and reasoning skills. Word questions in a way that helps your young reader put the pieces of the puzzle together and understand how stories flow.

Discuss the Book Afterwards

Invite your child to talk about the book at other times. Let the story come up in everyday conversations and refer back to it when the opportunity arises. Be creative in how you weave it into your discussions.

Read the Book Frequently

Children love reading the story over and over. So read aloud to your child the same book as often as there is interest. Over time, let your young reader tell you the story in his or her own words.

Read as Often as Possible

The best way to create a successful reader is to read as often as you can. Be spontaneous at times. Schedule time to read aloud to your child regularly. Do it early in the morning and at bedtime. Keep a book in the car and when you have a few moments make it s read aloud moment! Enjoy every opportunity along the way.