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caucasian child reading book under the covers at night. Front view, copy space

Most of us have heard the saying, ‘reading takes you places,’ and it sure does. But reading to your child does a whole lot more. It begins what I consider the ‘wiring process’ for later learning to read.

Think for a moment on what an electrician does. He/she wires a house/building so later when the light switch is flipped, the lights come on. If a mistake is made during the wiring process, what will likely occur when the switch is flipped on? Yep, you’re right. No light comes on or worse, a shortage that can cause a fire. (electricians, excuse me here, I am using some common sense)

Lap Reading

Let’s apply the concept to reading. If a child has not had at least 1,000 hours of being read to before entering kindergarten, he/she will not have had the necessary preparation (wiring) to begin learning to read. Simply put, a child lacking the right amount to lap reading time is already behind in kindergarten and has to have “three hours a day of lap reading to be caught up to their peers.” Quite sobering isn’t it?

The traditional reading to your child at bedtime has expanded. Children can now have a celebrity read them a story at storyline online. The local city libraries still host a children’s read aloud that can be attended at a scheduled time. There are hundreds of videos that feature popular children’s books being read aloud on youtube etc.

Online Storytime

But online storytime takes an amazing leap forward this fall when a Texas Certified Kindergarten Teacher launches Cricket Storytime. It is a LIVE, interactive

cricket storytime logo

online storytime service for children ages 2-5 years. Children will be able to log on to this weekly book reading from any where to enjoy and engage in a storytime in real time right from home.

No child is left behind here. Hospital bound, children who are homeschooled, children at daycare and homebound as well as special needs children are able to attend with a couple of clicks.  Librairies can also provide this service to their patrons. Children will have the benefit of being exposed to a range to pre-reading skills during a read aloud. The very same skills that are critical for kindergarten success. You might call this service a “Jump on kindergarten success.”

Learn more about this revolutionary opportunity here and how your child can enjoy this exciting new service when it becomes available.