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Just what can be claimed as a parents’ #1 goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success? There are many opinions floating around about this question, but let’s set the record straight.

Parents’ #1 Goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success is not preparing them for Kindergarten soon enough.

So just when should you start preparing your child for kindergarten? And what should you do to prepare them? Parents truly want what is best for their children, but sometimes they don’t know all that is involved for kindergarten readiness.

Did you know that the most popular time parents tend to start preparing their children for kindergarten us usually just a month or going to kindergartentwo before kindergarten begins? This often involves getting a new pair of shoes, school clothes, a back pack and school supplies. While this may be convenient, it can be a parent’s #1 goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success.

When to Prepare

Really, the best time to prepare their child for kindergarten is at the earliest age possible. The news reports indicate that there is mounting scientific evidence proving the ability to teach a child starts in the womb. Wow! That is about as early as parents can get! And remember that since it is not too early to start preparing for kindergarten, if a parent hasn’t  started from the beginning, then they can just start now and redeem the time they do have before school starts and not make the #1 goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success.

What to do to prepare

learn to readIf you took a survey to find out what helps prepare a child to enjoy the best success possible in kindergarten and beyond, you would hear it involves spending QUALITY time with children.  One of the best ways is to read to their child on a daily basis. Lap reading is most effective with young children. Parents can have a collection of books in an easily accessible basket, or utilize the convenience of Internet story baby-422759_1280 (2)time while sitting in a comfortable chair.  Then set a goal to not let a day go by that spending time reading together is not done, otherwise parents’ #1 goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success will hit for sure!

Natalie Hawks, a 5th grade teacher, can be quoted as saying “a student’s reading level in first grade is an astonishingly good predictor of reading achievement into high school. Reading failure begins early, takes root quickly and affects students for life. Reading with parents sets the foundation for independent reading later on in life. Kids need to read and they look to you as an example.”

Reading to your child every day will build communication and language skills, reading preparedness and social behaviors are necessary for when the big day comes to step into the kindergarten classroom. Everyone knows how much children love hearing stories read to them and they don’t mind hearing it over and over again. There is something about reading repetition that sets it in the brain for a lifetime. When a parent reinforces this with using a finger to follow along the words from left to right and top to bottom it will establish familiarity with reading, even if words are not recognized at an early age.

Parents’ other goofs that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success

Children are a product of what their parents make them, because they love to mimic what parents do. They will copycat every word and action. It is essential that parents demonstrate a proper attitude and behavior, including manners by using phrases such as “Please”. “May I.”  and “Thank you” while spending time together.

Other helpful hints include teaching them how to listen without interrupting and follow simple instructions. When parents explain that in school students may be asked to raise their hands before speaking this helps them be better prepared. Parents can even pretend school with their child, including opportunities to wait their turn, share items, do simple chores, and solve problems in a peaceful, joyful way.

When they take the time to build kindergarten readiness into their child every day life, the #1 goof that can ruin their child’s kindergarten success can be avoided. Their child will have had many hours of being read to, practice social skills necessary for healthy interaction and less anxiety as that first day of school approaches. In turn, this will lay a strong and positive start to formal schooling and set the stage for a successful journey of learning.

How are you preparing or how have you prepared your child for kindergarten? Please share your thoughts below.